Our Pastor

Pastor Dan King grew up in a preacher’s home.  His father pastored the same church for over 32 years.  Pastor King accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior at the age of five.  He went to a Christian school and upon graduation spent a year running from God’s call to serve Him.  After a miserable year of running from God, Pastor King surrendered his life to the Lord.  In 1992, Pastor King went to Hyles-Anderson College to prepare for the ministry.  Upon completion of Bible College, he became the youth pastor for his father in Anderson, Indiana.  Pastor King spent about seven years as a youth pastor.  He went on to start a church in Flat Rock, Michigan which he pastored for three years.  On March 8, 2009, God called Pastor King to accept the pastorate of the Calvary Baptist Church in Clinton, Indiana.

Pastor King is married to Shawn, his wife of almost 16 years.  She is a tremendous blessing and help in the ministry here at Calvary.  They  have four children:  Danny(15), Abbie(13), Noah(12), Emily(9).

The King family loves serving the Lord together.  They have a great desire to be a help, encouragement, and blessing to their church and community.  They look forward to serving God for many years to come at Calvary Baptist Church.